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Latin dishes with faraway influences that are right at home right here.

Oh, and tequila… mezcal… coffee, pastries and whatnot.


As the only joint on this bustling multi-mile stretch of Big Beaver that’s one-of-one… Gran Castor has a certain obligation to represent the independent spirit on a chain-strewn corridor: and that’s what this crew does dish after dish and drink upon drink.


Crafted tacos. Inspired pizzas. Burly bowls. Baristas at the ready. Homey pastries.

And cocktails that are straightforward and anything but straight at the same time



Griddled corn cake served with Peruvian slaw & a lime wedge

Choice of Korean Pulled Pork (gf) | Brisket (gf) | Smoked Chicken (gf) | Pulled Mushrooms (gf/v) | BBQ Cauliflower (v) | Fried Catfish (gf) 


Black Bean & Quinoa Salad | 4.25

with sweet peppers, scallions, lime juice & fresh dill (veg, v, gf)

Cilantro Lime Jasmine Rice | 4.25

(veg, v, gf)

Union Mac & Cheese | 5.95

Vermont sharp cheddar, Pinconning, penne rigate, béchamel parmesan & crunchy crust (veg)

Refried Black Beans | 4.25

topped with spiced pepitas (veg, gf)

Cauliflower Rice | 4.95

(veg, v, gf)

Our base pizza includes one cheese & one sauce | 11.95


Tomato basil, Garlic butter, Peruvian green chili, Korean BBQ, Texas BBQ

Cheese | +1.75

House cheese blend, Queso fresco, house smoked cheddar, Vegan cheese (+3.50)

Meats | +2.50

Chorizo, Bacon, Pulled pork, Honcho hot chicken, Pollo asado, Taco Night Beef, pepperoni

Veggies | +1.25

Pickled jalapeño & carrot, grilled cactus pico de gallo, grilled avocado, Black beans, Roasted garlic, Turmeric onions, Roasted corn, Fresh jalapeño


Elote Especial | 15.95

roasted garlic butter, grilled sweet corn, cheese blend, queso fresco, Peruvian green chili sauce, cilantro, chili dusted crust (veg)

Margarita | 13.95

cheese blend & queso fresco, roasted tomatillo, tomato basil, cilantro & lime on a salted crust (veg)

El Carnicero | 16.75

Detroit chorizo, bacon, pepperoni, jalapeño, cheese blend, tomato basil sauce

Tradicional | 14.25

Pepperoni, cheese blend, tomato basil sauce


Rice Bowl | 9.95

cilantro lime rice, Peruvian green chili sauce, Kimchi, house pickled jalapeño & carrots, Turmeric onions, nori, sunny fried egg, herbs (gf, veg)
ADD Honcho hot (or not) chicken / pollo asado / taco night / pulled pork +5.95 OR carne asada +6.95 OR grilled avocado +6.95 OR seared tuna +9.95 SUB Cauliflower rice 1.50


Taco Party | 18.95

one each house-style Banh Mi, Pollo Asado, and Taco Night taco served with black beans and cilantro lime rice (gf)

Enchiladas Blancas | 14.95

Chicken tinga, roasted corn, and cheddar wrapped in corn tortillas & baked in cotija cream sauce, topped with salsa criolla

All served with cilantro lime rice & black beans


Gran Castor Burrito | 15.95

stuffed with shredded lettuce, cactus pico, shredded smoked cheddar & black beans and topped with griddled queso. Cilantro lime rice & black beans on the side
ADD Honcho hot (or not) chicken / pollo asado / taco night beef / pulled pork/ carne asada +2.95 for 1 meat, $6.95 for an extra protein / grilled avocado + 2.95 OR seared tuna +6.50


BANH MI | 5.95

House pulled pork tossed in Korean BBQ sauce, red cabbage, pickled jalapeño & carrot, cilantro-sesame aioli (gf)


ground beef simmered in Honcho Taco Night seasoning, topped with shredded lettuce, house-smoked cheddar & turmeric onions (gf)


fried & tossed in Nashville sauce glaze with mayo, dill pickles, scallions & herbs


chargrilled lime-cumin chicken, chipotle crema, sweet pea guacamole & queso fresco (gf)


fried sweet potatoes, black bean quinoa salad, grilled corn, chipotle crema & spicy fried onions


chargrilled cumin-lime marinated steak, salsa verde, queso fresco & salsa criolla (gf)

AHI TUNA | 6.95

seared ahi tuna, ginger cabbage slaw, wasabi crem, scallions, black sesame seeds


fried gulf shrimp horseradish remoulade, lettuce, tomato & chopped pickle on warm flour tortilla


Chop | 13.50 or 1/2 6.95

chopped romaine, quinoa, black beans, grilled red onion, radish, avocado, roasted tomatoes, grilled sweet corn, chopped carrot, spiced pumpkin seeds, tossed in cilantro lime vinaigrette (veg, gf)

Caesar | 12.50 or 1/2 6.95

romaine, cotija, masa croutons, scratch chipotle lime caesar dressing (gf)

Add Honcho hot (or not) chicken / pollo asado / Taco Night beef / pulled pork / fried sweet potatoes +5.95 OR grilled avocado +6.95 OR carne asada +6.95 OR seared tuna +9.95


Chili Verde | 6.50

Tender pieces of pork, slow cooked in homemade green chili sauce with navy beans, house cheese, and tortilla strips

Chili Blanco | 6.25

vegetarian sausage, broad beans, fennel, rosemary, sage topped with green onions (veg, v)

Chicken Tortilla | 6.25

shredded chicken, tomato, tomatillos & Spanish onion, topped with house-smoked cheddar herbs & tortilla strips (gf)


Sweet Pea Guacamole | 11.50

avocado, English peas, scallions & cilantro topped with spiced pepitas, corn chips on the side (veg, v, gf)

House Salsas | 8.95

salsa verde, Peruvian green chili, Union Salsa, corn chips on the side (veg, gf)

Queso Dip | 10.50

three-cheese sour cream baked with pico de gallo & tangy chipotle, corn chips for dipping (veg, gf)

Honcho Nacho | 12.50

corn chips, cheese blend, house pickled jalapeño & carrot, chopped tomatoes, green onion, Peruvian chili sauce ADD Honcho hot (or not) chicken / pollo asado / taco night / pulled pork / grilled avocado +5.96 ADD carne asada +6.95 ADD seared tuna +9.95) (veg, gf)

Fugazzeta | 7.95

wood-fired Argentinian breadsticks, cheese blend, turmeric onions & chimichurri (veg)

veg - vegetarian   v - vegan   gf - gluten-free 

We ❤ Cilantro. No Love? Tell your server & we'll leave it off!
*Ask your server about menu items that are cooked to order or served raw. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.



Mon-Wed 3pm-9pm

Thursday 12pm-9pm

Friday 12pm-10pm

Saturday 11am-10p

Sunday 11am-9pm